6am - 12am Weekdays
10am - 12am Weekends

Find us on the corner of 116th & Guilford, parking is around back.
Look for the atrium with Fanfare,
we are the first door on the ground floor,
between the elevator and Fanfare. Our door is usually wide open.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the name Quirky Feather come from?
Sabrina made it up & used it on a business plan assignment in pastry school. That became the basis for the real business plan, and the name stuck! 

Do you take special orders?
Yes! To see all the specifics, please visit the "Special Orders" page.

Do you rent your space?
Yes! You may rent half or all of the cafe. Rates vary based on time and day, please contact thequirkyfeather@gmail.com for more information.

Do you do full size cakes?
Full sized cakes are available, we currently do not do tiered style or sculpted cakes, please contact thequirkyfeather@gmail.com for prices.

My iPhone says you are closed during business hours, are you really open?
We probably are, there seems to be an issue with the iPhone. Google suggests you clear your phone's cache and check again.  If it is a major holiday, we might be closed. Please call and double check before you head out to avoid disapointment.

Where can I park, and do I have to walk all the way around to the front?
We are the corner store, there is a full parking lot behind our strip. When you park, look for our back entrance - we have signs on the lobby window and the building but if you can't find either, look for the Fanfare signs, we share the same lobby. 

Do you have WiFi?
Absolutely! The network is TQFC Guest, ask an employee for the password. You can always ask a member of staff for assistance.

Do you have a beverage refill policy?
At this time we cannot offer any free refills (in future, we may run promotions). However, we do have a mug refill system. Our mugs are 8 oz. If you order a Medium (16oz) in a mug, you get one fill and one refill of your mug for the same type of beverage. If you order a Large (24oz) in a mug, you will get one fill and two refills. Same type means that if you get brewed coffee, your refill can only be of brewed coffee, not of a latte or a specialty drink.

Do you have a restroom?
Yes, it is close to the lobby entrance. Look for the little hallway with an owl painting.

When is the best time to come study/work/have quiet time?
Every day is different, but most weekdays during the day are best for a quieter atmosphere. Fridays and Saturdays are busiest, starting in the evening.

Can I bring my book club/study group/celebration/party? Do I need to reserve space?
Of course, we love groups! If you need to have the space guaranteed, call or email us and we will put it on the calendar, and mark the space as reserved for you.  Due to business needs, we regret that we cannot reserve tables on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays. 

Can we bring outside food/alcohol?
We don't mind if you need to bring in the tacos/pizza/sushi/etc. you picked up on the way in, but please do not bring in any outside desserts or beverages. Due to Indiana laws, we cannot allow anyone to bring any alcohol into our establishment. 

What do I do with my dishes?
Please leave your dishes in the white dish tubs.  They are located next to the coffee cart, opposite the coffee bar.
Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to recycle at this time, so cans & bottles can be placed in the trashcan. 

How does the line work? I see two or three people but they aren't all taking orders.
Once you get to the counter and are ready to order, please give your order to the person in the middle (not the cashier or the barista-unless of course they are the only one there!). When you give your order to the person in the middle, they pull your food, the cashier simultaneously rings it up, and the barista can start on any drinks orders. While it might seem cumbersome, we have found this system keeps the line moving the fastest.

The Quirky Feather Confectionery
890 E 116th St #125, Carmel, IN 46032