About Us

The Quirky Feather is the brainchild of two local sisters, Heidi & Sabrina.  It was their childhood dream to open a bakery together. After taking some divergent paths, they got together to make their dream a reality. Sabrina finished pastry school, and Heidi was ready for a challenge. They noticed the need in the area for something that was open later than the average coffee shop. Somewhere people could gather with friends and family, a comfortable place to study,  or just plain relax. Together they came up with the Feather: a place that would serve sweets, coffee, and cocktails. Thus, The Quirky Feather Confectionery is a confectionery & cafe, with a full liquor license. 


Basic Bio: Heidi is the older sister. Heidi makes the multiverse’s best cookies. It is rumored that she made a cross-roads deal for the recipe, then improved it. Heidi has been described, accurately, as aggressively nurturing.
Spirit Animal: Hedgehog
Hobbies: Beading, Reading, Dragging Sabrina to see every historical gravesite and through every old church in Europe.
Other Interests: European History, Dance
Heroes: The Notorious R.B.G. (Ruth Bader Ginsburg), Zoë Washbourne


Basic Bio: Sabrina is the younger sister; she puts the “quirky” in The Quirky Feather Confectionery. While the sisters look astonishingly similar at times Sabrina has made the difference more distinguishable by having purple hair. Sabrina is fighting a never-ending war with the Laws of Physics and is no longer on speaking terms with Gravity.
Spirit Animal: Manatee
Hobbies: Nail art, Petting every dog she possibly can
Other Interests: Entomology
Heroes: Bill Nye the Science Guy, Steve Irwin, Dame Maggie Smith


Basic Bio: Matthew is from [REDACTED], South Carolina. He’s The Quirky Feather Confectionery’s go-to man for anything that needs to be fixed. Matthew and Sabrina met in California in 2005 and have lived together since 2009.  
Spirit Animal: [REDACTED]
Hobbies: Taking machines apart to see how they work then putting them back together, [REDACTED], playing video games,
Other Interests: Metallurgy, [REDACTED], Fine Whiskeys and Bourbons, Space
Heroes: Sam Houston, Kvothe, Rustin Cohle


Basic Bio: Athena is the tall one with the magical color changing hair! She was born in England and when asked “How do you take your tea?” she responds with “Seriously, very seriously.”  However, being from England has not made Athena anti-coffee, she was a barista in high school. Athena lost her way in a labyrinth of office jobs, but eventually found her way back behind the barista bar where she belongs.
Spirit Animal: Fox
Hobbies: Listening to podcasts, yoga, thinking about knitting.
Other Interests: Cryptozoology, The Paranormal, Olde Tyme Radio Plays.
Heroes: Boudicca, She-Hulk


Basic Bio: Alph is an introvert. He doesn’t like to talk about himself, or much in general. He’s a pretty chill guy. Alph and Athena are married; if you have questions about Alph ask Athena.
Spirit Animal: Diamond Back Rattlesnake
Hobbies: building settlements in Fallout 4, riding his motorcycle, Sassing Athena, Maintaining his mad scientist eyebrows (see photo).
Other Interests: All the science, Just so much science, Sassing Athena.
Heroes: Zhou Yu, Dr. Farnsworth, Dr. Horrible.


Basic Bio: Erica, also known as Buggy, is our resident DJ/karaoke queen and workaholic. She can only make Red Velvet cakes so we don't let her bake things, but if we ever get bored she's a great source of entertainment. (She can even get the stoic Dudes-On-Staff to crack smiles every once in a while with her antics.)
Spirit Animal: Old Gregg (of The Mighty Boosh)
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, karaoke, shaking her groove thang, reading, and not getting any sleep. 
Other Interests: Learning about new things, taking things apart but not putting them back together. 
Heroes: Patricia "Mama Roney", Joe Ledger, and Grace Courtland.